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Thank you for trusting Atlas Cars of London.

Every single effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct. The company is not liable for any errors, omissions and false statements. Customer should confirm all the details from company representatives.

Our Responsibility

At Atlas Cars, we take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. As part of this responsibility we do not share your details with any other company or entity.

We collect information when you use our services. Our computerized despatch system ( automatically save names, address, telephone numbers and any email addresses associated with a booking. This data helps us to improve our user experience, improves efficiency of our calling centres.

We use this information to provide our users with more valuable and interactive services, and that ultimately result in more compelling content for our customers. Atlas Cars of London has been leading the way in this industry over the past 50 years in London. Our vast wealth of experience has lead us to exchange telephone numbers between our drivers and our passengers. Resulting in passengers calling directly to his/her designated driver awaiting. This ensures fast and effective conflict resolution. i.e I cannot find my driver….!

All telephone calls to and from Atlas Cars are recorded at all times and kept for three to six months. After such time they are deleted automatically from our system. This helps us improve our operator’s professionalism as well as, it helps us resolve any queries that may arise during a job.

For Smart phone users, If you are enabling the location based capabilities of your device, you may be sending us location information. This information may reveal your actual location, such as GPS data, or it may not, such as when you submit a partial address to look at a map of the area. We use your information to process and personalize your requests. We also use the information for support, to develop new features, and to improve the overall quality of Atlas Cars's products and services.

Information captured by our booking app (Android & iPhone) includes the passenger's name, telephone number, and email address so that we can contact you and provide you with a car. The app may also access the contacts on the phone so the user can share information about their journey with a "buddy".

Complaints Policy

Complaints are dealt within UK office hours (Mon to Fri) excluding bank holidays. If you do not receive a response from us within 2 - 3 working days, please contact our admin office.

Information sharing and onward transfer

All requests must be sent through your mobile carrier's network and your carrier may have access to it. For information regarding your carrier's treatment of your information, please consult your carrier's privacy policies. If you decide to use third party applications on your device, any information those applications collect may be sent to third parties and the Atlas Cars privacy policies do not apply. However, third party applications may have their own privacy policies that you should review.

In case of depute over payment we may share your information with certain third parties we use to perform certain functions, such as billing and text message or SMS delivery. These third parties will be required to treat your information in accordance with the Data Protection Laws of England & Wales.

We may also share some information with your wireless operator in order to perform customer service functions which are is necessary for smart phone users (iPhone, android) Certain of our services allow you to interact and share your information with others. Please consider carefully before disclosing any personal information or data that might be accessible to others.

If you have additional questions, please contact us any time at:
We will be happy to help.

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