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Top questions asked

How do I make a booking ?

You can make bookings using our mobile app, website , email or simply call us on 02073858888 operators are available 24/7!

I am arriving at a station, where will I be picked up from ?

The driver will contact you directly at the time of pick up to arrange the most suitable point for pick up.

Making a card payment

Which cards do you accept ? We accept all major credit and debit cards. Is there any surcharge ? Please note all card payments are subject to 10% surcharge, to avoid the surcharge you can book over the App at no extra cost. If I am using my card for the first time will that be an issue ? If you have not previously used a card to make a payment you might be subject to our verification process - this is simply to verify and avoid fraudulent transactions. Verification - How does that work? Operator will send you a link either via a text or email, you will be required to enter your card details along with your pin and authorize the transactions. My Card has declined! Cards can decline for various reasons and no fault of yours, therefore if you are a regular customer the operators will pass your details over to the accounts department to attempt to authorize the card next day. If you do not have previous history or lack of then you will be requested to provide alternative card or make a cash payment.

Travelling with a pet

That's absolutely fine, however at the time of booking please let the operator know so we can send you a pet friendly driver. Is there any extra charge for the pet? Yes there is a £5 extra for pets.